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PPSC Daily Mcqs Quiz, Ppsc Daily Quiz, Daily quiz, ppsc Daily, Mcqs, mcqs, quiz Public Service Commissions /National Testing Services/ Open Testing Services are publishing Government jobs every now and then. If you are looking for a Government job You must start the preparations for these testing and recruiting agencies. PPSC, KPSC, SPSC, BPSC /National Testing Services/ Open Testing Services  want to test your general ability by conducting a 100 mcqs single qualifying test. This 100 Mcqs General ability test have very lengthy syllabus to prepare for. Whenever you apply PPSC /NTS/ OTS  for any vacancy announced by them. The next step is to start preparations, Here a time comes, when you have to look for the best and most relevant material PPSC Daily Mcqs Quiz. so that with out wasting any time you may start preparations. Every syllabus contains the following topics

Pakistan Studies

Current Affairs


Basic Mathematics



Everyday Science

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Daily Quiz # 107

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  1. very good and fantastic web for preparation of all competitive exams
    Thanks u sirrrrr……………plz upload more quiz

  2. wow….
    wonderful experience and the best way to learn.please conduct daily quiz.you can make me prepare for custom inspector.I am going to be your regular visitor.

  3. Its a very good effort for those who want to prepare for all type of competitive exams

  4. over the time they will be repeated. We request to share our website with other so that they may not miss it.

  5. Admin,you are doing really great job,
    Add more arithmetic and every day science questions,
    Some times all 100 questions are not equally distributed,
    And how to cover missing quizes ?

  6. Please I have one request
    These two portions are not included in your test so please make sure to inclulude some questions of these
    2.ms office and computer
    Also include these questions

  7. Very helpful but I request plZ include computer science mscqs for ppsc test preparation of C’s.very informative. I m learning many things. Thanks.

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