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World Knowledge Mcqs, Mcqs, Ppsc World knowledge Mcqs World Knowledge mcqs is an important part of Punjab Public Service Commission /National Testing Services/Open Testing Ssevice  General Ability 100 mcqs test . Every job announced by the PPSC /NTS/ OTS etc have a syllabus consisting of many topics and Wold Knowledge is the Most important and Major part of the syllabus. World knowledge itself is a vast subject and it not a easy task to prepara this topic. Therefore, world knowledge needs so much  concentration and focus. Certainly, Keeping  in view, the importance of this section of syllabus, we gave this topic a special place on this website.  Here, A quiz on this topics and all the relevant study material is arranged.

World Knowledge Quiz # 1

World Knowledge Quiz # 2

World Knowledge Quiz # 3


This quiz from past papers to enrich and test the knowledge of our subscribers and Visitors.  

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